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Trademark Protection

Register the name of your company, the name of your product or your logo as a trademark now. This will give you a cast-iron exclusive right to your trademark. As a result, competitors may no longer use this name or a confusing name. If someone does use such a confusingly similar trademark, he will be committing trademark infringement. This guarantees your identity and that of your product.

Protection of Brand Reputation

What should you be aware of?

• Trademarks are non-tangible assets that basically provide the holder with a right of prohibition. In many countries including the Benelux, trademark rights flow from first registration, not from first use.
• A trademark should not describe a characteristic of your product or service.
• Your trademark must still be available. Let us investigate this before you file or start using a trademark.
• The mark must be applied for the right products and services. Your products and services must be properly described and classified.
• Your trademark must be protected in all relevant countries.

How we can help?

Bastion IP offers unique service in trademark & Brand protection. A professional team help in cosulting with suitable advices

For Brand Protection